Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta v10 software lands for early access fleet

Tesla has a large early access fleet consisting of owners of its vehicles who are willing to beta test software. Tesla often pushes new software updates out to this smaller number of users before rolling it out to the masses. Reports are coming in that Tesla started pushing its Full Self-Driving Beta v10 software out to owners who are part of its early access fleet.

The move comes almost a year after early access program customers tested the software. This update is the one that Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously called "mind-blowing." With the software installed, Tesla vehicles are ready to drive themselves on highways and city streets automatically. However, the system still requires drivers to be attentive and is considered a level 2 driver assist service.

To be fully autonomous requires level 4, and systems of that type don't require a human behind the wheel. Tesla expects drivers to remain responsible for the vehicle and keep their hands on the steering wheel. Tesla owners who purchased the Full Self-Driving Package should be thrilled to hear software is taking a step forward as it has been delayed.

Musk has previously linked a wide release for the software to be beta version 10 update rollout. That wide rollout is expected after two more points release updates in the coming weeks. The update is expected the land for compatible vehicles by the month.

Several Tesla owners who are part of the early access program did take to Twitter celebrating the software landing for their cars. One user has already posted a video to Twitter showing the car operating with the software installed. Driving visualizations are updated and look somewhat different depending on the model.