Tesla delivers over 1500 Roadsters globally

One of the coolest EVs on the road is the Tesla Roadster. The little roadster has impressive driving range and performance while still being green and producing no emissions. The only real downside to the little EV is that the thing is expensive.Tesla has announced that it has now delivered 1500 Roadsters globally and the vehicles in total have driven 8.5 million miles in the real world. The fleet is in owner hands across 30 different countries and has saved 415,000 gallons of fuel and 22,000 barrels of oil so far.

Tesla announced back at CES that it would be working with NVIDIA to get GPUs and other tech to support the infotainment system in its new Model S. "The Roadster has earned global appeal. Our latest delivery milestone proves the Tesla is raising the bar for EVs," said Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk. "The Roadster's advanced electric powertrain is the foundation of Tesla's success."