Tesla Cybertruck configurator tips production delay until 2022

One of the more interesting vehicles that Tesla has shown off is its Cybertruck. The electric pickup is a complete departure from anything resembling a traditional pickup truck. Tesla's other vehicles have used innovative powertrains but have traditional styling of sedans and SUVs.

The Cybertruck, on the other hand, has polarizing love it or hate it styling that looks nothing like a traditional pickup. Tesla had originally promised production for the Cybertruck will begin in Austin late this year. However, the Tesla Cybertruck configurator where fans can design their dream electric pickup now has a small notice saying those who reserve a truck will be able to complete the configuration as production nears in 2022.

That verbiage is the first firm indication from Tesla that production won't commence this year. Doubt on whether Tesla was able to produce the Cybertruck this year gained momentum when the automaker announced during its financial results last month that Cybertruck production would only begin at its Texas factory after production of the Model Y began there.

Production of the Model Y isn't expected to begin until sometime near the end of the year. Delayed production of the Cybertruck may be disappointing, but it's a good move on Tesla's part. The company has in the past rushed production of some vehicles leading to quality issues.

Tesla will have stiff competition in the electric pickup market with competition from Ford and Rivian, among others. Ford has the most popular truck in the country with its F-150, and anyone looking to adopt an electric pickup the first time will certainly consider Ford's offering. Rivian has confirmed that its electric pickup will also be delayed, with production starting in September rather than July. It's been reported that Tesla has over 1 million Cybertruck reservations. Those reservations require a refundable $100 deposit.