Tesla could return to New Jersey following bill approval

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 7, 2014
Tesla could return to New Jersey following bill approval

Following Tesla Motors’ banishment in New Jersey, the state has recently put into play a bill that would change state law in the automaker’s favor. According to NJ.com, the state’s Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee approved that bill with a vote of four to zero.

Under this bill, any zero-emissions cars can be sold directly to consumers within the state of New Jersey (with the direct-to-consumer sales being what originally got Tesla banned). In addition, under this new bill, these manufacturers, Tesla among them, can open up to four stores.

This means the two stores Tesla closed down could reopen and two additional ones could join them. Tesla has maintained that selling cars through a dealership is not applicable to the nature of its vehicle and to its business model.

This new bill passed the committee without any negative votes, but a call for certain amendments to it have been made. This would reverse the regulations in place from an old state bill enacted in the 1970s requiring manufacturers to sell cars through dealerships.

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