‘Terribly buggy’ Nest Protects can’t be hushed for one unlucky Googler

Nate Swanner - Feb 17, 2015, 12:24 pm CST
‘Terribly buggy’ Nest Protects can’t be hushed for one unlucky Googler

Any time a smoke alarm goes off, it’s troubling. Either your home is on fire, or the blackened tuna you’re searing caused a panic in your home. When cooking, getting your smoke alarm to silence quickly becomes priority one, but what if it just won’t shut up? Even worse — what if there was no smoke to begin with? Google’s Brad Fitzpatrick recently uploaded a video to YouTube, showing just what happens when your Nest Protect smoke alarm can’t get right, and just won’t shut up.

In his video, which you can see below, there’s no smoke in his home. Still, his Nest protect units sound off as if he were about to be burned alive. Throughout his home, Nest sounds the alarm.

Even worse than a false alarm is one that won’t ‘hush’. When he tries to disable the alarm, Nest’s calming voice tells him that’s not an option. Cue the 2001: Space Odyssey jokes.

I’m sorry, Brad, I just can’t silence this alarm.

Fitzpatrick says this isn’t a one-off situation, either. He’s had this happen while at work, and rather than rush home, he simply checks in via a security camera (which we hope is a Dropcam, because the irony) to find nothing is wrong. “My poor neighbors, though”, says Fitzpatrick.

Even after snagging the Nest Smoke alarms (yes, alarms — so not just one faulty unit) off their perch, they continue to go off. It’s like some sort of strange Diplo concert in an Igloo cooler once he stashes them away, presumably for good.

The video below tells the whole tale, as does Fitzpatrick’s Google+ post on the matter. While he’s but one man having an issue, he’s also a Googler, which makes his outrage even more interesting. Turns out, there’s no fix for Nest — for any of us.

Source: Google+

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