Terraria for Stadia canceled after Google disables creator’s account

Eric Abent - Feb 8, 2021, 9:06am CST
Terraria for Stadia canceled after Google disables creator’s account

Terraria is a game that doesn’t need much introduction these days. The indie title rose to popularity on PC before spreading to pretty much every platform imaginable. Fueled by periodic updates that massively expanded the content in the game, Terraria remains popular today – more than 9 years after release – but unfortunately, Stadia isn’t going to get a slice of that pie.

Today, Terraria creator Andrew “Redigit” Spinks announced that he’s cancelling the Stadia version of the game. On Twitter, he explains that his Google account has been disabled for “over 3 weeks” and that he has “no idea why.” Google doesn’t seem to be providing much help either, as Spinks adds, “after using every resource I have to get this resolved you have done nothing but given me the run around.”

Spinks then ran down a list of everything he lost when his Google account was disabled, which includes “thousands of dollars of apps” from the Google Play Store, his Google Drive data, his 15-year-old Gmail account, and the Re-Logic YouTube account, which is where Terraria trailers are uploaded.

“I absolutely have no done anything to violate your terms of service, so I can take this no other way than you deciding to burn this bridge,” Spinks said in a follow-up tweet. “Consider it burned. #Terraria for @GoogleStadia is canceled. My company will no longer support any of your platforms moving forward. I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little. Doing business with you is a liability.”

So, just like that, the Stadia version of Terraria has been canned. Spinks is clearly hoping that playing hardball will finally get Google’s attention on this matter, but even if Google decides to reinstate his account, there’s no telling if Spinks will reverse his decision to cancel Terraria on Stadia. Terraria players still have plenty of options considering that the game is available on all sorts of platforms, but this is indeed a blow for Stadia because the service could certainly use some high-profile titles like Terraria. In any case, we’ll see what happens next, and we’ll update you if there are any new developments.

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