Terraria becomes Steam's highest-rated game as it hits a big milestone

There's no doubt that Terraria has enjoyed a lot of success since it first launched on Steam way back in 2011, but today we're finding out just how much of a success it is. The studio behind Terraria, Re-Logic, has given us a sales update for the game, but it didn't stop at just giving us a number. Instead, Re-Logic told us how many copies the game has sold on PC, consoles, and mobile.

According to a Re-Logic post on the Terraria forums, Terraria has sold 35 million copies as of the end of 2020. The PC version leads the pack by claiming 17.2 million of those sales, with 9.3 copies sold on mobile devices and 8.5 million sold on consoles. That PC is home to the most sales isn't much of a surprise, as that's where Terraria got its start all those years ago and it's the first platform to get updates when they're released.

The game is also only $10 at most on PC, while it can cost a lot more than that on other platforms (for instance, Terraria costs $29.99 on Nintendo Switch). Finally, there's also the fact that Terraria can run on a very wide array of hardware configurations that helps make it such a big success on PC. The fact that it's sold more on mobile than it has on consoles might be a shock to some, but like the PC version, the iOS and Android versions are priced well within impulse territory at $4.99.

Re-Logic also shared that Terraria has topped Steam250's rankings, unseating Portal 2 for the top spot. Steam250, as the name suggests, ranks the 250 best games on Steam based on their Steam user reviews, and with 98% favorable reviews from more than 700,000 gamers, Terraria now gets to claim the Steam250 crown.

So, it seems that even all these years after, Terraria is still racking up the sales. After years of delivering periodic, massive updates, Re-Logic called it quits on Terraria last year with the launch of Terraria 1.4 Journey's End, so hopefully it won't be too much longer before we hear about what's next for the studio.