Terrafugia's TF-X concept flying car makes every road its launch pad

Anyone who watched The Jetsons as a kid has been eagerly awaiting the day we can take our personal vehicles to the sky, zooming away towards the clouds to pick up a pizza or the dry cleaning. Such a reality isn't here yet, but Terrafugia's new TF-X concept gives us yet another glimpse into what that future could look like, showing off a car that looks similar to an older Ford Taurus that sprouted half a pair of X-Fighter wings.

Of course, this isn't the first time Terrafugia has waved around a flying car, having first done so way back in late 2006 with the Transition, a work-in-progress that was said to function as both a car and a personal air vehicle. Not surprisingly, the Transition isn't zipping around our skies, but that hasn't stopped the company from unveiling its latest ambitions, the TF-X.

The TF-X is said to be a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicle with four-seats and a plug-in hybrid system under the hood. According to the announcement, Terrafugia has already discussed the vehicle with the FAA, which it says is agreeable to the technology. It also goes on to say that the Transition is "nearing" production, with the TF-X concept eventually going a step farther.

Said Terrafugia's CEO Car Dietrich: "This is the right time for us to begin thinking about the future of the company beyond Transition® development. We are passionate about continuing to lead the creation of a flying car industry and are dedicating resources to lay the foundations for our vision of personal transportation."

[via Terra Fugia]