Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – It has how many keys?

Chris Scott Barr - Oct 17, 2007

My current keyboard has a total of 143 keys. Do I use them All? No, there are several keys that I never touch, unless it’s by accident. So what do you think I would do wit a keyboard that had nearly double the amount of keys?

Well, I wouldn’t type on it. Then again, this keyboard isn’t meant for your computer. Most of us hear the word keyboard and automatically assume that it means the thing you type on. Well the Terpstra MIDI Keyboard has more keys than most keyboards, regardless of whether or not they’re used for musical purposes.

I’m sure that it would take a talented individual (see: not me) to keep track of all 280 keys. Thankfully you can change the keycaps so you can set it up just the way you like it. I couldn’t imagine what someone would use this for, but I’m sure there are people simply drooling over it. No word on pricing or availability.

Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – Needs More Keys [via ohgizmo]

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