Tern HSD S11 electric commuter bicycle sports classy, functional design

Tern is back with a new electric bicycle: the HSD S11, a model sporting motor assist combined with a classy, somewhat minimalist and highly functional design. The bike isn't just made for getting around — it sports attachments and accessories that make it possible to transport a passenger and cargo, making it more of a lifestyle addition.

The HSD S11 is a variation of Tern's previously released HSD cargo commuter bike. What makes this model special? It's the company's first Class 3 electric bicycle and it will be arriving in the United States next month, giving city dwellers a new option for getting around without a car.

The Tern HSD S11 packs a Bosch Performance Line Sport motor with a 300-percent assist, a Bosch PowerPack 500 battery, and a Bosch Intuvia display with four selectable modes. The e-bike can reach speeds up to 28MPH and has a range from 32 to 74 miles, depending on various factors.

Given that city-dwellers likely to purchase a bike like this typically live in smaller homes and apartments, it's no surprise that Tern went with a short, compact design — users get Vertical Parking and FlatFold features. Despite being shorter than a standard bike, Tern says its HSD S11 model can support riders with a weight up to 264lbs and a max gross vehicle weight of 374lbs.

As the images show, the e-bike is designed with cargo space and support for various attachments, making it useful for transporting groceries, young kids, parcels, and other similar things. The Tern HSD S11 will be available to purchase in the US starting in January for $4,199 USD.