TeRK remote presence platform is a $600 DIY dream

With only a few days to go until Christmas, you might find that the usual "proximity to family" panic is beginning to set in.  Symptoms include sweatiness of the brows, plumping of the shins and a general nausea that only gets provoked by eating sprouts.  So what about if I could offer you a way to be there to see the unwrappings but not have to bear the company?  Then scrape together six-hundred of your glossiest dollars and get your sweet ass over to TeRK and put together one of their Qwerkbot+ robot platforms.

Qwerkbot+ builds on TeRK's first robotics platform by adding an independently-controllable pan and tilt webcam.  So you'll be able to trundle into the dining room and glance over your telepresence shoulder to make sure that "favourite" auntie isn't chasing you to give you a great big sloppy kiss.

TeRK [via Suicide Bots]