Teraoka Deli Touch Pen Could Make Your Next Trip To The Deli More Pleasant

Apparently service, convenience, and swift are all now former characteristics associated with Deli's in major cities. The lackeys behind the counter generally don't care about you, your order, or your return business like they used to.

Well, the Deli Touch Pen won't solve any of those problems but what it aims to do is two things, the first is making sure your order is correct. The second is making sure you are in and out with your food in a timely manner.

Basically you'd look at the menu and scan the pictures in order to place your order, no more relaying it to the guy behind the counter who might have an intelligence only marginally above that of Cro-Magnon man. The rental of the system costs about $420 and gets you 30 of the pens, a printer, and a server (of the electronic type) and will allow the orders to be relayed directly to the kitchen/preparers.

[via core77]