Tenba Vector bags have style and features

Shane McGlaun - Feb 18, 2011
Tenba Vector bags have style and features

Anytime I have to shop for electronics, gadgets, or accessories for gadgets with my wife things get dicey for me. I am a function over form type of guy, I like my gear to look cool but it had better work first. My wife on the other hand will pick an inferior product just because it’s cuter. Rarely does the style she wants and the specs and performance I want meet.

Tenba has a new line of bags for cameras that is called the Vector line. Style and functionality seem to coexist pretty well in these bags. They come in a number of sizes and styles that should mean they will work with everything from the cheap point and shoot that my wife uses (and complains about, but it’s pink) up to my DSLR that is not that attractive, but actually works.

The bags can be had in Krypton Green, Carbon Black, Cadmium Red, and Oxygen Blue. The bags are light and made from water-resistant fabric for protection in all weather. The larger bags have a WeatherFlap, which is an all weather cover that will prevent water damage to your gear if you caught outside in the rain. Prices for the bags range from $12.95 to $79.95.

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