Ten One Design unveils Pogo Stylus for iPhone 4 with cool new clip

Ten One Design unveiled its Pogo Stylus back not long after the original iPhone came out. There were many folks that wanted a stylus with the touchscreen, but your average stylus won't work with the iPhone. Ten One designed a stylus that will work with any iPhone or the iPad and the company is now unveiling the latest version of the pogo Stylus with a special clip designed specifically for use with the iPhone 4.

The new stylus is just like the older stylus, the new cool is the clip. The clip will attach to the iPhone 4 with or without a silicone sleeve on the device or an Apple bumper. When you want to stand the iPhone 4 up to watch video or other content the clip can be easily removed.

Once removed, a slot in the clip will prop the iPhone 4 up in portrait or landscape mode. It will be perfect for making FaceTime calls or watching video in landscape mode. The new Pogo with the fancy clip can be purchased now in several colors for $14.95.