Ten One Design Particle Case for iPad has integrated stylus slot

Don't tell Steve, but for all his protestations that a stylus is the sign of a failed tablet, companies just can't stop offering aftermarket pen-input options for the iPad.  Latest to the table is the Ten One Design Particle Case, a rubber bumper-style iPad case that has an integrated clip for one of the company's Pogo Sketch styluses.

Unlike the curved, wobble-prone back of an unsheathed iPad, the Particle Case has moulded feet so as to keep it stable on your desk.  The rubber is also shock-absorbant, and Ten One Design have left pretty much the entire back open so as to avoid the iPad overheating; still, that will limit its protection from scratches if dropped into your bag.

$34.95 gets you the Particle case and the Pogo Sketch stylus to slot into the clip too.  It's available now.