Tempus Wristwatch Concept Features Bendable Display, USB Connectivity

Evan Selleck - Nov 9, 2010
Tempus Wristwatch Concept Features Bendable Display, USB Connectivity

Wristwatches are one of those items that really run the gamut of markets: youv’e got the watches specifically made for the kids, the watches that are designed to look expensive but really have a small price tag, and then you’ve got the top-of-the-line watches, that pack in the features in hopes that you’ll drop a couple hundred dollars. Some of those high-end watches are the result of concept designs, just like this one, where we see plenty of features, and can only imagine that the price tag will follow suit.

The Tempus wristwatch is a designer wristwatch, designed by Finnish designer Pekka Salokannel. The Tempus features a E-ink, and a bendable display, so that the watch itself can bend over your wrist, and fit there comfortably. Not only that, but there’s also USB connectivity integrated into the watch, which would let you connect your watch to your PC, and then download applications.

The applications would range in functionality, but most of them would be made to let you display time in a different way. For those who hate wearing the same watch over and over again, this may be just what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the concept design here is simply just that. But, we can cross our fingers that it comes to market sooner than later.

[via Gizmodiva]

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