Temple Run developer talks about what's next

The game app Temple Run has been on the iPhone for a while and has more recently landed on Android devices. The game has been very popular on both platforms and racked up over 1 million downloads in only three days when it hit the Android platform. The developers behind the game are now talking about what's coming next for Temple Run and a few other things in an interview with Pocket Gamer.

Developers say that they designed the videogame from the beginning to be able to work as a free to play game with in app purchases. They wanted to hedge their bets to begin with so they started out with the game at $.99 and then went free. The company says after they went to a free play game, the word-of-mouth advertising on Twitter and Facebook grew and helped push the game to the phenomenon it is today.

The company also talked about porting the game over to the Android platform. The company says that they were overwhelmed by requests from Android users that wanted to play. The developers said they did a faithful port of the original to Android and will fix things as needed later. The big news is that the developers are intending to add more objectives, characters, and power ups. They're also working on an update for the iPad to give it high-resolution graphics. The developers are also thinking about adding different environments and bringing it to more devices. This should all be good news to fans of the game.

[via Pocket Gamer]