Tempest Freeruning Academy looks like Mario Land

All I know about freerunnign I learned from the Casino Royale Bond flick where he chases that dude all around at the start of the movie. It looks pretty cool in a Bond movie, but if I saw you running and jumping all over the place around my town I would think you are nuts and someone would call the police.

I guess freerunning is something that many people do and you have to train for it. I can get that, I don't think you can just start jumping on and over things willy-nilly without something tragic happening to your gonads. If you live in LA, you have a place to train and the gym is more awesome than the sport for sure.

The place is called the Tempest Freerunning Academy. It looks like Mario land and it is epic. Look at all the 8-bit brick walls and treasure boxes. I wonder if you bang you head on one if you get a few coins. Check out the video to see the place and the people that work out there in action.

[via BoingBoing]