Tempescope: a box of weather for your home

It's bright and sunny outside, but your mood is melancholy and you want rain. Tempescope can deliver that, as it is simply a box of weather sitting in your living room or wherever you'd like it. The box is rectangular and features a clear portion through which one can see what the outside whether — at home or elsewhere — is with a single glance, whether rain, clouds, or something else.

Tempescope is described as a "physical display" that shows the weather: rain with falling water, clouds with a foggy mist, lightning with flashes of light, and sunshine with simple lighting. The box can be set to show the weather at your own home, or to a different location somewhere in the world.

The devices is connected and works in conjunction with a smartphone, which one uses to control the device using a mobile app. It can be set with three preset modes, and there's an SDK for interested developers. The base of the box can be laser engraved, which is one buying option.

The device's creator is seeking funding on Indiegogo, where $182,000 of the $398,000 USD goal has been raised so far; 37 days remain. Those interested can back the device at $199 USD, not including shipping, to get one of the units when it launches in April 2016. Shipping is available worldwide.