Tesla announcement to both "up the ante" and "fix mistakes"

In what is now the third time in a month that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shouted out about an upcoming announcement with Tesla Motors, he took to Twitter again today to say that the car company will be making an announcement tomorrow that will supposedly "up the ante" as well as "fix some mistakes."

Of course, we're left with very little details, which means we can only speculate on what Musk and company will be unveiling tomorrow. However, in a reply on Twitter, Musk elaborated slightly on what the announcement would cover, and he says that tomorrow's announcement will be "about getting a prior announcement right."

This means that it involves either Tesla's new financing option or their new warranty system. However, based on these two options, tomorrow's announcement will most likely have something to do with the company's new financing scheme, which seemed a little off in the first place. This new financing option would allow customers to own a new Model S for just $500 per month.

We're guessing that Musk will clarify any confusion with this new financing plan. We're not exactly sure if he'll change the financing option altogether, or if he'll simply explain himself better and say, "yup, you can own a Tesla for just $500 per month." Considering how expensive Tesla cars are, though, we're guessing it would take years and years to pay off the car with only $500 payments.