Elon Musk promises "complete peace of mind" in newest Tesla Motors bid

This week the folks at Tesla have made it clear that they're aiming for the complete satisfaction of the final owner of any Tesla Model S electric vehicle with a complete warranty program. This program has been announced to be bringing on an initial fleet of around 100 Model S vehicles in a "loaner service fleet" for if a customer with a vehicle in the shop for repairs. Tesla has also revealed a valet services along with this warantee program update complete with an 8-year time span.

The program spoken about here will work with current owners of the Tesla Model S and will cover essentially anything that happens to your vehicle just so long as you didn't intentionally make it happen yourself. In fact, they go so far as to cover all damage excluding intentional damage, colission, or the opening of a battery pack by non-Tesla crew.

"Except in the cases of a collision, opening of the battery pack by non-Tesla personnel or intentional abuse (lighting the pack on fire with a blowtorch is not covered!), all damage is covered by warranty, including improper maintenance or unintentionally leaving the pack at a low state of charge for years on end." – Tesla Motors

If you've got your car in for repairs, this program lets you grab a loaner car that, if you enjoy using more than the car you own, can be purchased at a price lower by 1% per month of age and $1 per mile. Using this program will allow the Tesla fleet on the road to never turn in to an "aging fleet of overused cars", as they say.

"We're focused on the things that needed the most attention, it started with the design and engineering of the car, then went to the production of the car... now we're focusing on a warantee program for the world's best car." – Musk

This system works with the Model S, but we're expecting it'll be pushed to whatever other vehicles are released by the company in the future as well. If you yourself own a Tesla vehicle, please feel free to contact SlashGear with your input on the new warrantee system, whether your satisfied or not. Have a peek in our Car hub for more information on the vehicle universe in general and head down to the timeline below to track Tesla's change in the very recent past!