Telespial Systems Super Trackstick stalkers worldwide behold!

Gentleman! Sorry for the ATHF reference, it just felt so right for a device more or less made specifically to track/stalk people. Lets see what kind of stalker features it has, first its small and has a holder with high power magnets and looks rugged enough for quick under-vehicle attachment.

Then add the so-easy-a-3-year-old-could-do-it USB flash drive form factor and the Google Maps integration and you are set to start stalking whoever you want. Better yet you can buy it on the public market for a low price of $275.

So if you are the crazed type of individual willing to place something like this on your target's vehicle that price probably isn't anywhere near enough to dissuade you considering you've probably already spent more than that on telephoto lenses. It only has 4MB of storage and 2 AA batteries which combined means this thing will last at least a month before it needs emptied and new batteries. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that while you're memorizing your prey's daily routine you can also check the weather and altitude from the data you collect.

Gadget Makes Trip Tracking Truly Trivial [via therawfeed]