Telescopic Zoom Lenses For Cell Phones

Unless you're a member of the paparazzi I can't imagine why you'd even want to have a telescopic zoom lens for your cell phone. Cell phones aren't meant to capture phenomenal pictures for your scrapbook, at least in my opinion.

However, let's say the situation arises where you do, in fact, need a telescopic lens for your camera phone you can purchase one. It seems it's made to fit Motorola phones and it's from Brando. When you buy the telescope you'll also get a battery cover and a neckstrap and it appears they may come in colors to suit whichever color RAZR or KRZR you have.

It only costs $19 and I'll admit that's not a horrible price. It does look ridiculous and I'd definitely point and laugh if I saw anyone using one.

Mobile Phone Telescope – For Motorola [via Gadgettastic]