Telegram Slow Messages feature hits slo-mo on Chatty Christopher

A new set of features heads to Telegram today with intent on changing the way you chat with friends and colleagues. Perhaps the most colorful of these is a new accent selection option for Night Mode on iOS. You probably don't even need to have the latest version of iOS to get this Night Mode accent action – but why wait?

The FRIENDLIEST update in this wave is the "Silent Messages" feature. This system is activated by holding down on the send button. When holding down, an option should appear to "Send Without Sound". This message will be sent, but the receiver of said message will get no notification of said message.

This also works in Groups, Janice. You don't have to wake the whole group up at 3AM because you had a super important message about your newest shipment of MLM products. You can just send a SILENT message so that people can ignore what you've said on their own time – hooray!

Slow Mode is new with this update. This feature appears in Group Permissions, and it's surprisingly innovative. With this feature, admin are able to "choose how long each member must wait before sending their next message." So it's like sloth mode, which is great if you've got a group full of blabbermouths.

Animated Emoji are here and, since you probably hate that, there's also a new settings option in Sticker Settings that stops Looped Playback! Playback in videos is also updated. With this new system you're able to add a timestamp to a video caption, and that timestamp will appear as a link – easy to get to, fancy to use.

If you're on the latest version of Android, you'll find a new Attachment Menu. This update has BIG GIANT THUMBNAILS the size of which may well be bigger than your actual, real life thumbnail. Your full gallery will be available for viewing, and it looks just lovely.

There's a new Comments Widget for websites – so you might end up seeing Telegram comments available for your favorite websites soon. This widget allows Telegram users to log in with "just two taps" and leave all sorts of messages. Included are comments, photos, likes, dislikes, replies, and replies to comments. Subscriptions to comments and notifications from DiscussBot are also in the mix.

This updates will be appearing in your app store's listing for Telegram this week. Cross your fingers the update will come to Android and iOS at the same time. I said CROSS THEM.