Telegram adds new web apps and tap-to-jump video

Today Telegram revealed a set of new web versions of its chat app. Two new web apps for Telegram were released today. According to the developers at Telegram, ever since they first released a Web Version of the app back in 2014, their "pet demon of internal competition" kept whispering "Why have one web version when you can have two?" So now there are three web versions of Telegram.

Each of the three different Telegram web apps is available to use for free right now. Each is slightly different from the others, and they're all ready to roll for multiple platforms. The main app is still just the Telegram Web App. Then there's the version called Telegram Web Z, and another called Telegram Web K. These are the sorts of different access systems you try out if you really, really love Telegram and truly enjoy trying new features that you might never get to use again.

Telegram also added a set of features to their mobile apps this week. Users can now "pinch to zoom" on both photos and videos. This used to be available when the user tapped to open the app's media viewer – now it's available right from the chat.

This update also delivers an improved video player for both iOS and Android, now with fast-forward and rewind. Access to this improved system is slightly different for the two platforms.

If you're on an iPhone or iPad, press and hold the plus or minus symbols to fast-forward or rewind (or jump forward or backward, if you prefer). If you're using an Android device, press and hold the left or right side of the screen to fast-forward or rewind, or double-tap on either side to jump 10 seconds.