Tekken creators set new characters to a vote: Salmon, Praying Mantis, Zombie Bride

In a rather "revolutionary" move for the game with the same name, BNGames and Bandai Namco have let it be known that they'll be putting the next Tekken character release to a vote, with some rather unorthodox characters on the docket. This game Tekken Revolution for PlayStation 3 will receive an update – eventually – with one of the characters here, be it a "Giant Praying Mantis" or what's described as an "Average, run-of-the-mill Old Man." Or will Syake, aka Salmon, be the one to make it to the final software update?

This voting process is rather strange in and of itself. Taking place through the Facebook page of the brand, users are encouraged to vote for the character they're most attached to. Adding the Salmon character to the mix and making this an online vote will likely bring on the obvious – though perhaps not so obvious to the developers of the game – outcome. Is this the Magicarp of the PvP world, made real at last?

Tekken has in the past brought on some rather wild and crazy characters, Bandai being no stranger to fighters well outside the normal human realm of beings. Even the most recent release of Tekken Card Battle included Kuma, the giant panda.

The salmon is just one of several characters that are already hiding in the code of Tekken 3, this character still existing in a hacked version of the arcade board for said game. This wild beast of a character is described as follows:

"Originally planned for Tekken 3, punch buttons would cause the Salmon to flop around, and the kick buttons would make it release eggs, which was quite an idea at the time. However, arcades were still popular worldwide, and charging 100 yen (1 USD) per play with such a character was likely to be a problem. That, and the fact that character would be always be the target of Kuma lead to the concept being scrapped."

The rest of the characters appearing on this list include such gems as Female Vampire (A young girl, long imprisoned by the Rochefort family), Female Paul, and GANMI-chan – a "teenage female Sumo wrestler who idolizes Ganyu." The winning character, again, will appear in a future update of this free-to-play game for the PlayStation universe.

SOURCE: Tekken Revolution