Teenager Sends 100 Texts a Day, Gets Carpal Tunnel

For most of us, sending a text message nowadays is like having a face-to-face conversation. It's just what we do. It may have been looked at funny a handful of years ago, but now that even our grandmother is doing it, it's pretty much common place. But, too much of a good thing can be bad for anyone, just as Annie Levitz has found out. Her texting habit has caused her some major discomfort, but she does see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Annie Levitz is a 16-year-old who loves to text her friends. She was seen on ABC News, talking about how her texting behavior lead her to have some minor discomfort in her hands and wrists, before it started to hurt so much she could barely stand it. When she went in to see her doctor, she was diagnosed with carpal tunnel, a serious issue for people who use their hands to do a lot of the same, repetitive motions (like typing, for example). It looks like sending over 100 text messages a day may be the cause of the issue, and we'd have to agree.

Levitz is now forced to wear braces on both of her wrists, along with receive cortisone injections. She's also going to go under the knife, to try and fix the situation. But, has that stopped Levitz from texting everyone she knows? Negative. She is down from 4,000 text messages per month, to "only" 2,000. So, it's a step in the right direction. The most interesting thing out of this story, though, is what Levitz believes could fix the situation. An iPhone. According to her, since the keyboard is digital, and doesn't require her to push in any buttons, it wouldn't be as tough on her hands. We're hoping Apple doesn't pick this up for their advertisement, though it could be a real winner.

[via ABC News]