Teenage Engineering teams with Nothing tech: It's about to get weird

If you were waiting for the Nothing technology company to team up with an interesting partner, wait no more. Today the Nothing company announced that they'd officially added Teenage Engineering to their list of Founding Partners. This is going to get weirder before it heads down the beaten path, of that you can be sure.

The Swedish-based Teenage Engineering made some interesting devices. They've made a whole bunch of stripped down barebones synthesizers, personal handheld video game machines, audio blasters, cables, display protectors, accessories – and some keychains for good measure. They've had their hand in quite a few interesting projects.

Jesper Kouthoofd is the owner of Teenage Engineering. Kouthoofd is a co-founder of a creative collective called Acne, aka the group that created Acne Studios (fashion!) Per the Nothing release, Teenage Engineering "have been developing highly acclaimed products for people who love sound, music, and design" for over ten years.

If you expected that Nothing would be a smartphone maker, and a smartphone maker alone, it seems safe to assume now that that's not the half of it. They've partnered with a selection of very interesting people and companies in the short period they've existed, and they've raised $22 million USD without producing a single product.

Take a peek at the timeline below to learn more about Nothing and its founder Carl Pei, former co-founder of OnePlus. The company suggests that their mission is to "remove barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future." There'll be an "ecosystem" of devices that all work together – and we're hoping that means they'll be making something NEW, too – not just another brand making the same devices as everyone else, with different colors and finishes.