Teenage Engineering computer-1 flat-pack PC chassis instantly sold out

The folks at Teenage Engineering had a brand new pc chassis for sale earlier today. By the time it really started trending on social networks, it was already sold out. This chassis is designed to be simple and light, but strong enough to withstand basic wear-and-tear. The version the design group had for sale this morning would've cost you around $195 – but they've released the layout plans so you could technically make one of your own.

The Teenage Engineering Computer-1 was sold in the Teenage Engineering shop for $195 USD. For that cash you got a flat-pack set of laser-cut sheet metal parts with a couple of chrome metal handles and some rubber bumpers for the feet. The sheet metal has a pure orange RAL 2004 powder coated finish.

If you would like to build one of these sets yourself, you can get the plans from Teenage Engineering now. You'll need your own laser cutting machine, or a way to 3D print similar parts. The original was made with 1mm aluminum, so you might need to modify the way you make the build if you're using any other sort of material.

Teenage Engineering may make another run of these cases in the future. Given the interest shown today, it'd make sense for the group to make more, but given the group's aim and track record, there's a distinct possibility that this release began and ended here, in a single day.

This might be a fine wake-up call for other PC case creators, too. Imagine the simplicity of manufacturing a bunch of flat metal pieces and selling the package to users IKEA style. Now, all you need is the hype power and top-tier 3D design skills of the folks at Teenage Engineering, and you've got a winner on your hands.