Teclast touchscreen video DAP

Chris Davies - Dec 27, 2006

With little more than the soft settling of a twisted marshmallow on your nephew’s face, Christmas comes and goes.  But does the relentless march of capitalism break step?  No!  Of course it doesn’t, because if it did it wouldn’t be relentless, would it.  So consider spending your Christmas cash on Teclast’s latest touchscreen video DAP, the C260.

A svelte 9.8mm thick, unlike myself the C260 doesn’t need to go to the gym post-festive feasting, and the 2.4-inch QVGA display makes navigation easy, unlike myself slightly tipsy on sherry on Christmas morning.  They’re keen to boast an 8ms response time, which I’m guessing is for the touchscreen although they’re not all to clear about it, plus FM radio, a memory card slot of some description, audio recording and pre-loaded games.

It’s attractive in an LG-Chocolate-wannabe, credit-card sized way, and will carry a MRSP of around $51 (399RMB) for the 1GB version when it launches in China.

Teclast to present a card-size mp3 player with touch screen [AVING]

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