Teclast K9 dual-screen ereader borrows from Kindle, nook & Alex

While Barnes & Noble and Spring Design hold their dual-screen ereader legal battle in the US courts, over in China they're simply getting on with "borrowing" the design concept themselves.  Spotted at the Shenzhen EREXPO ("E-Reader Expo") this week was the Teclast K9, an ereader with the buttons and controls of a Kindle but the dual-displays of a nook or Alex.

Like both the nook and the Alex, the Teclast K9 is believed to run the Android OS, though it's not clear how much of the platform is left user-accessible.  Up top there's a regular 6-inch 600 x 800 monochrome E Ink display, while underneath there's a 3.6-inch 480 x 272 LCD color touchscreen with, we're told, full MID-style functionality.

That means it can show video and access the internet, though beyond that its capabilities are unclear.  We're not expecting the Teclast K9 to make it outside of China, frankly, but it's nice to see that it's not only the iPad that's getting knocked off these days.

[via Cloned in China]