Technomancer hoodie uses LEDs to illuminate your spells

Feel like channeling your inner wizard? ThinkGeek has a new hoodie that's right up your alley featuring a slew of hidden colorful LEDs that light up to illuminate your spells. The spells, in this case, are different movements you make while wearing the hoodie that trigger different types of colors and color patterns. The fire 'spell', for example, casts a red light from inside the hood and sleeves, while 'restore health' is a cool purple color.

Officially called the 'Technomancer 2.0 Digital Wizard Hoodie,' this jacket features nine different 'spells' that require its wearer to master the 'somatic components' of the wizardly arts. You'll need patience and practice, ThinkGeek advises; after all, one shouldn't expect to become a master wizard in an hour or two.

The hoodie features accelerometers to detect movements in the hands, the source of the spells. Each 'spell' is a pre-programmed sequence of hand movements that, if done correctly, will illuminate the sleeves and hood. Some spells provide a solid color; others provide one color in the hood and another in the sleeves.

Spells include health, fireballs, thunderbolt, and more. For extra effects, the hoodie also has an integrated speaker that plays a specific sound for each spell. Overall, there are more than 24 LEDs. For spell mastery, the hoodie includes a 'quick start spell chart.'

Priced at $119.99 USD. Buyers are limited to two units.