Tech tattoos put a working circuit board on your skin

Technology-imbued tattoos have been discussed many a times over the last year, but now, Chaotic Moon Studios, a creative technology start-up, has taken another step towards making them feasible. Dubbed "Tech Tats," the temporary tattoos use LED lights, a micro-controller, and conductive inks to create a circuit board on the surface of the skin. While they certainly look cool, Chaotic Moon imagines Tech Tats as being much more than cosmetic, from serving as a new form of wearable to playing a part in medical applications.

Instead of users having to wear a wristband or something similar, a Tech Tat can be used to monitor stats like body temp, blood pressure, stress levels, and even heart rate. From there, that data could transmitted wirelessly to an app or computer for tracking.

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This could certainly make Tech Tats able to replace something like a Fitbit or Jawbone Up, maybe even throw in some NFC payment system and it could compete with the Apple Watch. But beyond that, the technology could allow medical patients to freely move around as they're monitored by doctors, instead of being connected to a machine or confined to a small space.

Other possibilities include being able to track a child in a highly crowded environment (remember, they're temporary tattoos), or monitor the location and condition of soldiers.

Creative Moon says Tech Tats are still in the prototype phase and require additional development. However, with so many other concepts being researched, it seems it won't be long before there's at least one option for a connected tattoo.

VIA Motherboard

SOURCE Chaotic Moon Studios