Tech Bloggers The Focus Of Latest T-Mobile Ad

Rue Liu - Feb 23, 2011
Tech Bloggers The Focus Of Latest T-Mobile Ad

Remember long ago when Apple first did those “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials? They exploded and got popular real fast. T-Mobile has followed the advertising trend and made their representative a pretty brunette, usually in some shade of pink. The company’s latest ads change things up from making fun of Apple’s iPhone and bringing in a tech blogger.

T-Mobile is pushing its new Galaxy S 4G, calling it the fastest phone on the network and the “ultimate” in entertainment. The quip about being the “ultimate” is what brings our blogger into frame, asking to inspect the phone to check the merits of T-Mobile’s claim. We’re clued into his profession when he mentions that he “blogs about these things”.

It’s pretty funny and while not all tech bloggers look and sound like the guy in the ad, it wouldn’t be hard to find one at MWC or CES. The Galaxy S 4G also comes pre-loaded with Inception on it so you can think up all the dream theories you’d like.

[via Pocketnow]

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