Team Fortress 2 is getting a massive, surprise update

It's been quite some time since we heard of a big update for Team Fortress 2, but what Valve's revealing today may just be worth that wait. Valve has revealed a new update for the insanely popular multiplayer shooter called Jungle Inferno. As you might imagine from the name, this new update is going to whisk you away to the jungle with a new map to play on.

That map is called Mercenary Park, and Valve says that it's a "a new jungle-themed disease-ridden three-control point map, made in-house by us!" At this point, Valve has only shared a few screenshots of Mercenary Park, but it certainly looks a lot different than any map Team Fortress 2 has offered thus far.

Mercenary Park seems to be only one small portion of this update. There's a collection of new five new community-created maps coming along with this update – Lazarus, Mossrock, Banana Bay, Enclosure, and Brazil – spanning a variety of different game modes. There will also be a number of new taunts, which are all previewed over on the official Team Fortress 2 site. Valve has even created a new animated short for Jungle Inferno, which you can see posted below.

Even though we've seen the reveal of six new maps and bunch of new taunts today, that's not all Valve has in store for Jungle Inferno. Judging from the website, it seems that Valve has four days of reveals lined up for the update, with today being the first day. We'll just have to check back tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday to see what else is coming with the Jungle Inferno update.

So far, there's no release date for Jungle Inferno, but we imagine that's coming along with the rest of the reveals throughout the week. We'll find out more information about Jungle Inferno in the days ahead, so stay tuned for more!