Team Finland score 45,474 3DMarks with Phenom II X4 overclock

Team Finland have scored a world record 45,474 3DMarks with their liquid-nitrogen cooled Dragon PC, based on a heavily overclocked AMD Phenom II X4 processor.  The system also uses ATI Radeon HD 4800-series graphics, in the shape of two 4870 X2 GPUs.Video demo of the Team Finland super computer after the cut

Other specs include the ASUS M4A79T Deluxe motherboard with the AMD 790FX chipset, 2GB of Corsair DDR3-1800 memory and a Thermaltake Toughpower 1,200W power supply.  The graphics were cooled with the standard heatsink and fan, but the CPU used a full-copper Dragon F1 Extreme Edition setup.

Of course, this isn't something you'd want to be replicating at home under your desk – you'd probably knock over the pail of liquid nitrogen and shatter all your wall-warts – but it goes to show how tweak-happy the AMD processors are.  Click through on the video below to see the high-definition version.

[via Blosmo]