Teac LP-R500 is a blast from the past

As we move into the future, more and more people are looking to the past for ideas. Especially when it comes to the form factor for some bits of technology. Let's face it: some gadgets of the past looked pretty cool. That's what Teac has in mind with the LP-R500 audio system.

The LP-R500 sports quite a few bits of support for older formats. For instance, there is a cassette player, a record player and an FM radio. You can definitely pour over your old collections and actually enjoy them again with this system.

More modern features include a CD recorder. This means you can play music and record music off of your vinyl records and cassette tapes onto CD. That's where the real innovation comes into play. Built-in speakers finish off the deal. Though currently only available in Japan, the Teac LP-R500 would cost about $567, which seems like too much to me.