TD Bank's Automated Thanking Machine touched people's lives

TD Canada had an idea. It wanted to demonstrated the power of gratitude and thank its loyal customers in the most unforgettable way ever. And so they transformed what seemed like an innocent looking ATM into an "Automated Thanking Machine" and gave these people gifts that may have undoubtedly changed their lives forever.

The setup sounds almost like a typical America's Funniest episode. You might end up in tears too, except not from laughing but from being touched. TD Bank's Canadian branched selected a handful of its regular customers to test out a new "ATM", only to find the biggest surprise of their lives. As if an ATM talking to you, in human-sounding English, weren't enough to give you a surprise.

These people were handpicked by the bank's staff after, people who have been customers for a long time and have developed very close ties with the people who worked there. Some of them have been through rough times, while others just needed to hear the right thank you, get a pat on the back, or any sign that tells them that everything will be alright.

Some might put this down as a marketing stunt. Well-planned but maybe a bit too opportunistic, preying on human conditions to elicit good emotions. But for those people whose lives have been drastically changed for the better because of it, they might not mind at all.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed