TCL TV in 2021 - OD ZERO mini-LED, new 85" TVs and 6 Series 8K

TCL has revealed its 2021 TV line-up at CES, the new TCL XL Collection boosting screen sizes and the promise of third-generation mini-LED technology launching later in the year. In addition to even bigger models from TCL than we've seen so far – including up to 85-inches – there'll also be a new TCL 6 Series of more affordable versions.


Headed to TVs later in 2021, TCL says, OD ZERO mini-LED takes what we've seen from mini-LED backlighting and promises a bump in contrast and brightness. As the name suggests, it effectively cuts the gap between the panel and the backlight, using tens of thousands of mini-LEDs.

They're grouped into thousands of Contrast Control Zones, which allows TCL better control over how bright or dim different areas of the display are. The panel itself is thinner, too, which should allow for some more interesting designs. TVs using the OD ZERO technology will launch before the end of the year.

2021 TCL XL Collection

Until now, TCL has only offered TVs up to 75-inches in size. That changes in 2021, with the arrival of the TCL XL Collection. There'll be three models this year, all offered as 85-inch sets, spanning a variety of price points and technology levels.

The most affordable will be a 4 Series Roku TV, launching in Q1 2021. It'll have the same integrated Roku OS as we've seen from other TCL sets lately, but spreading it across a bigger screen, and priced at $1,599. It'll be followed by an 85-inch 4K HDR TCL Roku TV with QLED.

Finally, there'll be an 85-inch mini-LED 8K TCL TV with QLED at the top of the range. It'll support things like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, Variable Refresh Rate, and 120Hz HDMI inputs. Pricing for the other two sets will be confirmed closer to their release.

2021 TCL 6 Series 8K

Slotting in as some of TCL's most affordable models, the 6 Series is getting an 8K update. All of the 2021 6 Series sets will support 8K resolution, along with TCL AiPQ Engine upscaling. They'll use Roku TV for their software, meaning integrated streaming apps.

Existing TCL 6 Series 4K sets will remain on sale, TCL says, offering a cheaper option for those not quite ready to step up to 8K resolution. Pricing for the 8K TVs will be confirmed later this year, closer to their commercial launch.