Tauntaun Sleeping Bag might become real

There were plenty of good April Fool's gags this year, including CADIE and GMail Autopilot from Google, but my personal favorite was a joke product ThinkGeek was offering. The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag was merely a joke–a gag to trick customers–but after an influx of emails, the store might actually offer it.

Apparently, so many customers emailed ThinkGeek that they're seriously considering making this sleeping bag. How cool would that be? The only stipulation is that they have no idea if they'll be able to get a license from Lucasfilm. But still, it's awesome that they're going to try.

I hope if the real thing is made, it looks exactly like the mocked up photo: furry Tauntaun body outside, Tauntaun guts inside and light saber zipper. Now you can recreate the famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back without the Tauntaun carcass smell.

[via OhGizmo!]