GMail Autopilot launches from Google

If you find it time consuming and tedious to respond to each and every email you receive, then Google has the perfect product solution for you. They launched GMail Autopilot this morning, which responds to your emails automatically based on settings you preselect.

Launching from CADIE, Google's AI project, Autopilot will make the perfect response to each email you receive so you don't have to waste time typing out your email replies ever again. By altering the preferences, you can customize how your automatic emails will look.

Some of these preferences include controls for emoticon use, typos, capitalization and more. After scanning through about a hundred of your emails, it should have a good idea of how you respond to messages. Supposedly, Autopilot can be used on GMail Chat as well. Check out one of the sample responses below. And of course, happy April Fool's Day.