Tata Nano Goes Up in Flames With Passenger and Driver Inside

The Tata Nano is one of those vehicles that's just so cute, you can't help but like it. That is, until the thing catches on fire. Then, we imagine, it would be pretty hard to like the thing. This is the latest story in a torrid affair with Tata's Nano, and we wish we could say it was figuring itself out. But, as you can see from the image, that's just not the case. Unfortunate, really.

The Tata story begins with some smoke billowing out of steering wheel columns. Once that calmed down, it was everyone's assumption that the company had figured out the problems with their little vehicles, and now everyone could safely drive one of their very own. At least, that's what insurance agent Satish Sawant thought, when he picked up his very own Tata Nano in Mumbai. He was sitting in the backseat, when a motorcyclist came upon them, and motioned for them to stop. When Sawant looked at what the motorcyclist was pointing at, he noticed that the back of the Nano was on fire.

Sawant and his driver had to jump out of the car, because it didn't take long before the tiny vehicle was completely overtaken by fire. Sawant went on record saying that he didn't know what happened — that there wasn't any tell-tale signs about the car catching on fire. At least, not until he saw the fire. Questions are arising that the cooling system within the Nano aren't suitable for the vehicle. And the engine in the back may be of poor decision making as well. We're hoping that Tata can figure out what's going on soon, before an event like this equals the driver, and whoever else may be in the car at the time, not being able to jump out in time.

[via Indian Autos Blog]