Tasker For Android Updates With Completely New UI

The popular automation utility for Android, Tasker, essentially turns your smartphone into a superphone of sorts. It can do any number of things (except make your bed for you), and it's arguably one of the best utility apps that you can get on Android. Even better, though, is that the app updated today with a new, cleaner look.

This particular version is in beta mode, so it's not available in the Google Play store just yet, but you can download it off of the developer's website for free. Otherwise, the final version will just cost you a few dollars, but it's well worth it. This beta version has all the same features as the paid version, but comes with a new interface that follows the Android UI guidelines.

The beta is available for all Android 4.0-and-above devices. It includes three themes for skinning and also offers new icons. Plus, it's way easier on the eyes and looks a lot like a traditional Android interface now, as opposed to the dark blue and orange theme that the app has kept for a while now.

If you've never used Tasker before, it's an in-depth automation utility app that can do almost endless actions with your Android device, such as turning WiFi on when you get home, switching the sound profile to silent during certain hours, launching a particular app when headphones are plugged in, and even having certain actions take place when you place a call.

[via Android Community]