Taser Grenade used on The Daily reporter for grins

I think that we are all familiar with the Taser line of non-lethal weapons. These are great things that can help protect people without having to actually kill the person attacking you. Police departments also use the Taser to stop criminals without having to kill.

Taser is always working on new non-lethal weapon systems and one of the latest is a new Taser grenade. The grenade looks like something Arnold would cram into a massive gun to fight hunting aliens. The grenade has 50,000-volts inside to incapacitate the person shot with it.

The reporter for The Daily allows the folks from Taser to zap him with the grenade and he says the 50K volts of power is "extremely unpleasant." You think!? I won't be getting shot with a Taser or anything else for that matter just for a story.

[via CrunchGear]