Tascam unveils DR-60D audio recorder for DSLRs

Tascam has announced its new audio recorder aimed for on-set videographers and filmmakers who utilize DSLRs for video recording. The DR-60D is being touted as a recorder designed specifically for video workers, removing the need to use larger recorders that are meant for music recording. There's no word yet on release date or pricing, but we have a run down of the recorder's specifications after the jump.

The DR-60D is a relatively compact device that runs off of four AA batteries and supports SD and SDHC cards, offering 96kHz / 24-bit audio recording and USB file transfer from the 4-track solid-state system to a computer. Audio can be recorded in both BWF and WAV formats using either Auto Rec or Dual Rec mode, depending on the project. The unit is designed to fit beneath a DSLR unit, but can also be implemented into a recording rig.

The DR-60D boasts two quarter-inch XLR Locking Combo Mic/Line inputs (+48V Phantom Power), a standard 3.5mm stereo mic line-in port, camera in/out, line out, and headphone out. There's a self-timer, file divide, up to CH3-4 monitor selector, +24dBu input, low cut filter, peak limiter, input delay, and MS decode, among other features, all tailored to the needs of both amateurs and pros.

As for manual control, the body itself was designed to avoid introducing unnecessary noise from handling into the audio; this includes the use of its soft buttons and its dials. Tascam hails its user interface system as being easy to use, with intuitive controls and multiple recording modes, including an automatic mode and its popular Safety Track mode.

[via Tascam]