Target wasn't the only retailer that had data stolen in 2013

We've know for a while now that retailer Target was the target of an attack that resulted in the loss of shopper credit card data. Target noted from the start that the credit card data that that was stolen was from customers that shopped in physical stores, not those who shopped online. Early on Target denied that any PIN numbers were stolen along with the card data.

Target later came back and said that the PIN data was among the information stolen. Target wasn't alone in suffering a data breach during the holiday shopping season of 2013. Retailer Neiman Marcus also suffered a breach. However, reports are now coming in that smaller breaches happened at three other well know retailers in the US.

The sources claim to be familiar with the attacks, but didn't comment on who those three other retailers are. The sources said that these breaches involved retailers with outlets in malls. The sources also say that the source of the attacks on the three unnamed retailers could be the same who attacked Target.

The criminals behind these attacks are believed to be from Northern Europe. Target said details on 40 million customers were stolen in its attack, it updated that to 70 million customers last week. The data stolen from the company included name, address, telephone number, and email. It's unclear if the Neiman Marcus breach is related to the Target attack.

SOURCE: Reuters