Target ends streaming video service (you didn’t know they had)

Chris Burns - Feb 11, 2015, 9:42 am CST
Target ends streaming video service (you didn’t know they had)

Believe it or not, Target had a streaming video service for the past 2-years. Did you know about it? Apparently not a lot of people did, as Target has decided to shut the service down. “Target has made the decision,” the company said this week “to end the services offered on Target Ticket and will be focusing efforts on other entertainment offerings.” This means they’ll be bringing more heat to their other, slightly more physical media. Meanwhile those that actually DID know there was a Target streaming video service and actually DID purchase videos through said service will be able to access these videos through CinemaNow.

To keep access to videos purchase through Target Ticket, users will have only to sign up to the CinemaNow library and tap in to their Target Ticket account. Just so long as CinemaNow has ACCESS to the videos you purchase through Target Ticket, you’ll have access to them on CinemaNow for the foreseeable future.

CinemaNow also has access to UltraViolet videos. You can connect your UltraViolet video collection to CinemaNow and watch them wherever CinemaNow happens to be. That’s also known as “UV” for those of you that are fans of the whole brevity thing.

The transfer of Target Ticket content ownership to CinemaNow begins on March 7th. Before then, you won’t see anything – so you’ll just have to chill until then.

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