Target Brightspot will offer prepaid mobile plans starting October 6

Target will be rolling out a prepaid mobile phone option in conjunction with T-Mobile called Brightspot, giving customers access to contract-free plan options with their own handset or a new one. The service will go live on October 6, but Target has detailed its service ahead of time, though specifics on the plans haven't been provided yet.

According to Target, users can select a plan by heading over to the nearest Target store (the mobile department, obviously). From there, they will need to select a plan with T-Mobile as the carrier. The exact plans being offered hasn't been detailed, but Target says there's a $50 monthly option that gets unlimited talk, text, and data — the first 1GB is at 4G speeds.

From there, the user can either buy a phone being offered with Brightspot, or can buy a SIM Kit for use with their own handset, assuming it is unlocked. What smartphones Target will be offering alongside its prepaid program haven't been detailed yet, either, but the retail store promises it will be "a robust selection."

The service is coming with a perk in the form of a gift card, with one being send to the consumer valued at $25 for every six months of paid service. Those with a REDcard will get the 5-percent discount, though it isn't clear if that discount is applied to the monthly service charge, or just a perk when buying a smartphone.

SOURCE: A Bullseye Review