Tappy Chicken: an open mobile game showcasing Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games has created what turns out to be the first Unreal Engine 4 game released for Android and iOS: Tappy Chicken, a Flappy Bird knock-off. The game is open for anyone interested in the platform to mess around with, with the related code being available on the Unreal Engine website.

The game, showcased in a commentary video on Unreal Engine's YouTube account, was the work of a single artist who set to work and created the game in one weekend. The result is a simple scroller mobile app that anyone can grab and modify.

Tappy Chicken was created using Blueprint visual scripting, which is available from Unreal Engine for others to study and gain an understanding of the creation process. To modify the game yourself, you'll need to sign up for Unreal Engine 4 and download the UE4 tools.

After downloading the tools, you'll also need to install the example content (which includes Tappy Chicken). "Getting Started" documentation has been made available, as well as a bunch of Unreal Engine 4 tutorials, the combination of which will get aspiring creators off to a running start.

SOURCE: Unreal Engine