Tapose app forced to include iPad 1 compatibility

It appears that there's some miscommunication going on in the world of iOS developers as Zanther, Inc, is reporting that Apple has forced them to keep iPad 1 compatibility on their app even though it's more advanced than the single-core processor should be able to handle. If you see this app on the app store now you'll find the message "this update not recommended for iPad 1 users" while the developers have released a message to the press requesting that something be done about their situation.

The amount of RAM the iPad 1 has is one of several reasons why the developers of Tapose are noting that they'd rather not continue to support the device. Another reason is the difficulty they had in making the app gain approval for the iPad 3. These reasons of course have not a whole lot to do with one another other than this: once you submit an application to the Apple app store with support for a device, you must continue to support that device till death do the app part.

If you want to create an app on the app store with different compatibility, so be it, but Apple's current model has you promising once and forevermore that you'll continue support for one device with an app if you signed up for it. Needless to say, the folks at Zanther are not happy about this situation, and those still attempting to get the app to work on their first-gen iPads are not happy about it either, so we ask you this:

What do you think of this policy for the iTunes app store? Do you think a developer should have to stick with the devices they signed up for, or do you think they should be allowed to drop them with an update and fair warning?

[via Pocketables]